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Knee Deep? More Like Overhead.

  • 157/132/122
  • 30m @ 179
  • Powder Rocker
Item# pon2oon-1718

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Description & Specs

McConkey's legend lives on. One of his out-of-the-box ideas was to ski big mountains on water skis (which he actually did), and born from that experience is the K2 Pon2oon. Anything but a typical powder ski and designed with one thing in mind, this ski rips in deep and variable snow conditions with precision and float. “3, 2, 1…SEE YA!”

Rocker Type:
Powder Rocker
  • Triaxal Braided
  • Cap Construction
  • Tapered Tip/Tail


  • Powder Rocker

    Powder Rocker is a high and long rise in the tip and tail to maximize float in softer snow.

  • Triaxally Braided Construction

    K2’s patented Triaxial braiding process interlocks strands of fiberglass around a profiled core for increased torsional stiffness while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood cored ski.

  • Cap Construction

    A molding process that envelopes the core and internal materials within the top layer of the ski. Cap skis are generally lighter weight and more forgiving.

  • Swap Base

    Two different colorways on the base keep your skis unique from your friend's.

Size Chart

Men's Skis
Skier Weight Skier Height Ski Length
100+ 4'6"+ 134+ 124+
110+ 4'9"+ 146+ 136+
120+ 5'0"+ 159+ 149+
130+ 5'3"+ 166+ 156+
140+ 5'6"+ 170+ 160+
150+ 5'9"+ 177+ 167+
170+ 6'0"+ 184+ 174+
190+ 6'2"+ 191+ 181+