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K2 Mindbender Collection

We decided to focus on what is important to us – not as a manufacturer, but as skiers. So we let our engineers go wild, build their dream rides. And what they came back with? Well, the ALL-NEW Mindbender Collection. 12 freeride skis – 6 men’s models, 6 women’s models – tailored and targeted to kick up dust, blast pow, and knife on hardpack. We built the dream whips you wish you already had.

Rather than wait until the fall to get them out there, we’re giving you the chance to snag a few select pairs NOW.
Bend your mind around that.


Torsion Control Design: We developed a whole new design philosophy; one that focuses on the tuning the torsional properties of the skis.


We set out to accomplish the optimum balance of edge grip and release on the backend, and walked away with two proprietary technologies: Titanal Y-Beam™ and Carbon Spectral Braid™.

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We get it; you're just here for the skis. Check out the new Mindbender models now.

Mindbender Ski Collection

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  • 136/108/125
  • 22.9m @ 186
  • 2236g @ 186
Item# mindbender-108ti-1920


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  • 138/99/123
  • 18.5m @ 184
  • 2227g @ 184
Item# mindbender-99ti-1920


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  • 134/98/120
  • 15.6m @ 168
  • 1833g @ 168
Item# mindbender-alliance-98ti-1920


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  • 127/90/114
  • 17.9m @ 184
  • 2053g @ 184
Item# mindbender-90ti-1920


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  • 125/88/112
  • 14.7m @ 170
  • 1662g @ 170
Item# mindbender-alliance-88ti-1920


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