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On-Piste Precision

  • 126/76/105
  • 17m @ 175
  • Speed Rocker
Item# charger-ski-1718

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Description & Specs

Burly fir and airy aspen combine, making the all-new K2 Charger even livelier than its on-piste comrades. This ski, simply built to charge, needs little more than the torsional strength and responsiveness of a full carbon grid and patented Triaxal Braiding to turn an average resort day into one for the books. The Charger is an on-piste assassin that’ll catch the perfect turns on hardpack, no questions asked.

161, 168, 175, 182
Rocker Type:
Speed Rocker
Core Construction:
Firaspen Core
K2 Marker M3 11 Tcx
  • Carbon Grid
  • Triaxal Braided
  • Powered By Marker



  • Speed Rocker

    Speed Rocker features a short and low rise in the forebody of the ski for increased agility and effortless transitions between turns.

  • Triaxally Braided Construction

    K2’s patented Triaxial braiding process interlocks strands of fiberglass around a profiled core for increased torsional stiffness while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood cored ski.

  • Marker M3 12/11 TCx Light

    The Triple Pivot Comfort Toe with the Twin Cam X Light heel reduces weight for enhanced overall comfort and performance.

Size Chart

Men's Skis
Skier Weight Skier Height Ski Length
100+ 4'6"+ 134+ 124+
110+ 4'9"+ 146+ 136+
120+ 5'0"+ 159+ 149+
130+ 5'3"+ 166+ 156+
140+ 5'6"+ 170+ 160+
150+ 5'9"+ 177+ 167+
170+ 6'0"+ 184+ 174+
190+ 6'2"+ 191+ 181+