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With today's twin tip, all mountain, and park and pipe specific skis, riders are commonly mounting their skis forward from a traditional mid-sole mounting point. Benefits include: increased control when riding or landing switch and a more neutral balance in the air or on rails.

All Factory Team skis have a mounting scale on the sidewall, running from a traditional mid-sole mark to a 7.5 cm forward marking.

Here is a general guideline for where to mount these skis. If you are uncertain, the best bet is to go conservative at first and stick to a traditional mount.

0 to 2cm Forward

All Mountain Riding: If you plan on skiing mostly outside the park and want the ski to behave like a traditional ski, you should stay on the conservative side and mount closer to the traditional mid-sole mark.

3 to 5cm Forward

50% All Mountain, 50% Terrain Park: When mounting beyond 3cm, you will lose a little of the traditional feel of length in front of the binding, but with more tail, you gain the control in the air and when riding switch. Seth Morrison mounts his skis at 5cm forward.

6 to 7.5cm Forward

Terrain Park or Switch Riding: If you bought the skis primarily for the terrain park or are focused on riding switch in the backcountry, you may consider mounting your skis this far forward. What's lost in forward directional float and stability is made up for in switch riding and landing balance and performance. From 6cm to 7.5cm forward is where Pep and Andy typically mount their skis.


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